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09-Jan-2017 : Ghanim’s role in Brunei Vision 2035

|      Danial Norjidi      |

LAST year saw the Ghanim International Corporation making great strides forward towards putting bruneihalalfoods products on the global map.

Ghanim International Corporation is a state-owned enterprise in Brunei Darussalam that develops, markets and promotes high-quality Halal food products under the bruneihalalfoods brand with production bases and reliable suppliers across the world.

It offers opportunities for local SMEs to export their products overseas under the bruneihalalfoods brand.

In June last year, Ghanim unveiled its new line of bruneihalalfood products in a launching that featured a showcase of the various food and beverage products, ranging from breaded chicken and daily needs items to crackers, purified oxygenated water and cordials.

Speaking at that event, Dr Nur Rahman, the CEO of Ghanim International Corporation, highlighted, “We want to be the iconic and respected Halal brand in the world.”

He shared that in aligning their objectives with the Brunei Vision 2035 and with the aspiration to move ahead and create a sustainable, profitable organisation, Ghanim International Corporation made significant changes.

“These include creating a number of innovative, wholesome and trustworthy products, moving into a new office in Brunei that will enable the consumers of our products to come and interact with us directly by touching, feeling and tasting our products at the outlet of our new office in Mata-Mata and bringing in a new range of delicious products to the retail outlets in the UK.”

“We have also introduced our product range to a number of customers including retail, HORECA and food service outlets. We have also formally introduced our finished products to several food service organisations, including RBC,” he said.

Another significant event for Ghanim last year was its signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in October with Golden Tree Sdn Bhd and Chinese company Pure Fresh International Holdings Limited. The MoU was signed with the intent of integrating the three parties’ competitive advantage for international business development.

Pure Fresh International Holdings Limited is located in the People’s Republic of China, and is the leading O2O (online to offline) fresh product chain platform worldwide which integrates all superior resources from global supply chain in line with the enterprise’s principle of direct supply from global production bases.

Golden Tree Sdn Bhd is headquartered in Brunei Darussalam. It operates diversified industries with multiple in-depth cooperative resources in Southeast Asia.

Speaking at the signing, Dr Nur Rahman shared, “Entry into the China market will help lead bruneihalalfoods to integrate with Golden Tree and Pure Fresh International Holdings Limited its capabilities in the areas of research and development, sourcing, marketing, distribution and many others,” he said.

“This MoU is not only indicative of the strategic cooperation that has long been in deliberation between China and Brunei at the government and commercial levels, it will further set out the actions that will be taken between Ghanim and its partners to take Brunei products and services in line with its aspirations for export-readiness, thereby tapping into a large portion of the market potential.

“Overall, the Chinese and the Halal market in China are areas that have great potential to be tapped into and Ghanim, Golden Tree and Pure Fresh International Holdings are poised to make bids to together work for the same project, co-operating for the benefit of the supply chain which will in turn spur the establishment of a global direct sourcing network.

“Where China is vastly experienced in this area and abundant in resources and opportunities, Brunei, vis-à-vis Ghanim International Corporation, can stand to benefit with a great outcome of together producing, marketing and promoting high-quality halal food products under the bruneihalalfoods brand with production bases and reliable suppliers around the world.

“We are confident that Golden Tree and Pure Fresh International Holdings Limited are rightfully endowed to together hold our hands in this endeavour.”

Another significant milestone for Ghanim last year was a partnership agreement signed with Quantum Emas Korea in December to put bruneihalalfoods products on store shelves in the Republic of Korea.

Located in the Republic of Korea, Quantum Emas produces food products and intends to source, produce, market and trade Halal food to retailers around Asia and the Middle East.

It was shared during the signing that Quantum Emas Korea had identified 30 bruneihalalfoods products in various categories for importing into Korea and retailing through various retail outlets.

In a statement on the day of the signing, Ghanim shared that this would open up the opportunity for local Brunei businesses and SMEs to tap into the advantage of exporting their products through Ghanim.

Dr Nur Rahman highlighted in a speech, “While the relationship between Brunei and the Republic of Korea has always been strong, today’s occasion signals the level of strength that can only pave the way for further opportunities in the region and beyond.”

He noted that Quantum Emas Korea is vastly experienced in their marketing and trading efforts, and abundant in resources and opportunities.

“Brunei businesses, vis-à-vis Ghanim International Corporation, can stand to benefit with a great outcome of together producing, marketing and promoting high-quality Halal food products under the bruneihalalfoods brand with production bases and reliable suppliers especially in Brunei and around the world,” he said.

“On the ground, consumers will stand to benefit from this cooperation,” he said. “Ghanim International Corporation has launched number of products in the market and is in a process of launching others which will be ready to serve the Korean market and some other international Muslim markets.

“Of course, non-Muslims will also be able to enjoy the products and services that will be on offer. Local business can also see a new platform to launch into, as there is no doubt the SMEs and their product offerings are ready to take off.

“Quantum Emas Korea has already identified a significant number of products for retailing in Korean markets and we are especially grateful that Quantum is especially welcoming of what Brunei has to offer.”

He added, “As we sign today’s agreement, the expansion can only see prospects beyond just sourcing alone and all parties involved will certainly be able to solidify a partnership based on close support, mutual respect, learning and development.”