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Do you have any comments, complaints or feedbacks regarding the electrical services, oil and gas local business development (LBD) or any other general queries related to the energy sector? Please tweet or tag us on Instagram using #eidpmo_complaints or use the online form. ***Please note that we take your privacy very seriously and any complaints will be treated anonymously. Therefore we seek your cooperation in providing us with your details that will enable us to contact you.


 Recent Complaints

Name:Hamba Allah
Complaint:On behalf, this particular person has been given a letter saying that the contract have end without any explanation. As per this company, they are saying that they will transfer this person to other project. For 6 month this particular person has been waiting without any news. While waiting, this person has applied various kind of job though JobCenter and other website. This person has been working in oil and gas industries for more than 20 years. This person also has family to feed and other responsibilities. Currently this person really need a job.
Date:12/06/2018 01:21 AM
Complaint:terlalu lama sudahku tunggu kana masukkan ppk ani dari bulan 10-2017 sampai ani balum ada2 nya. please we need work bah.
Date:07/06/2018 04:16 PM
Name:Ppk corhot 1
Complaint:Assalamualaikum.. Bila elaun kmi ppk keluar? Elaun april bulan lepas kami recieve 11 mei 2018. Elaun bulan mei will be on? Kami start training in ppk is on 25th september 2017.
Date:06/06/2018 11:37 AM
Complaint:I have an inquiry on apprentice going for interview for permanent job.

Can the current employer say "it is better for you to stay at home and focus on looking for permanent job rather than you keep on going out for interview'?
When the employer himself doesn't promise a permanent position in his company.

Will there be any action taken against the employer?

Date:04/06/2018 12:59 PM
Name:Anak tempatan
Complaint:Kebanyakan company swasta msh lagi mengambil pekrja luar bagi jawatan biasa yg boleh dijawat oleh urg local.jawatan seperti radio operator,crane operator,forklift operator,rigger,dan sebagainya.harap pihak tertentu dapat memantau keadaan ini terutamanya di syarikat perkapalan.
Date:02/06/2018 05:40 PM

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