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Do you have any comments, complaints or feedbacks regarding the electrical services, oil and gas local business development (LBD) or any other general queries related to the energy sector? Please tweet or tag us on Instagram using #eidpmo_complaints or use the online form. ***Please note that we take your privacy very seriously and any complaints will be treated anonymously. Therefore we seek your cooperation in providing us with your details that will enable us to contact you.


 Recent Complaints

Complaint:I was employed by X Enterprise located in Lumut and been working as a main power supply for Darat Operations. I was working under a contract term of 3 years. But right after the contract ended, some of us were told that we might be roll-overed to other company that willing to take us and now the issues are that :
- Some of us were offered with the same basic salary but some of us were offered with a $700 basic salary.
- Based on experienced, it is really weird and strange that we are offered with such offered as we are local bruneian. We are not being ungrateful but we've got our own family to feed and our previous salary was already fixed in term of our money management plan/saving.
- What separates us with those who were offered with the same previous salary as it is clearly not based on experience which makes this unfair to us.
- some of us had to reject the offer but even some of us whos accepted the offer are yet still not working with that company.

My point is, because of the contract ended, me myself and on behalf my colleague are having complications to pay off our loans and neither there are vacancies responded to our applications.
I hope that EIDPMO could clear this issue.
Date:09/01/2018 04:26 PM
Name:Hamba Allah
Complaint:I would like to file complaint that we (a group) have been released without notice and unfair dismissal by Company X after in contract for almost 3 months. Could your good department look into this?
Date:07/01/2018 08:30 PM
Name:Hamba Allah
Complaint:Its been a year since Company X closed their business in Brunei. We the x worker still not yet received our compensation. We are not blaming the company but the government especially the MPRT and EIDPMO. I still remember regarding C visit. He told us within 3 month the other laboratory will be under construction to support the project. But its all lie only talk no action. Our ex laboratory now empty but all modern scientific equipment is there due to agriculture department do not know how to use n do not know to maintain the equipment.
Date:05/01/2018 08:13 PM
Complaint:Dear Sir/Madam,

we would like to know how to get the form from online like i was being told. i've tried to reached your office number which never been answered. kindly please email or call me as as possible.

thank you
With Warm Regards,
Date:04/01/2018 02:26 PM
Complaint:Dear Sir,
Good day.
We would like to see your guideline as currently one of my staff is facing a situation with a company.
We would like to seek your permission for a meeting with one of your officer on how to deal with the situation.
Kindly please come back to us on your feedback.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Date:04/01/2018 11:35 AM

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