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Do you have any comments, complaints or feedbacks regarding the electrical services, oil and gas local business development (LBD) or any other general queries related to the energy sector? Please tweet or tag us on Instagram using #eidpmo_complaints or use the online form. ***Please note that we take your privacy very seriously and any complaints will be treated anonymously. Therefore we seek your cooperation in providing us with your details that will enable us to contact you.


 Recent Complaints

Name:Anak Brunei Kecewa

Kenapa pihak EIDPMO dan MPRT hanya terus berdiam tanpa ada kata putus. Kami pekerja2 dri syarikat dri luar negeri (FDI) tidak berpuas hati dgn pihak2 abis kita ani..kerana pihak abiskita ani pandai berjanji manis ja.Ani kami anak2 local jdi mangsa. Dh 2 bulan labih kami FORCE UNPAID LEAVE oleh pihak syarikat gara2 dari pihak abis kita yg seperti nda menjalankan tugas dgn amanah dan jujur. Pihak BEDB pun satu jua pandai bawa masuk syarikat ani p dh masuk kamu lps tangan. Duit dh dpt kamu2 lps tangan. Surat perjanjian yg di tanda tangani oleh pihak syarikat msh kami ada untuk kami hadapkan ke KDYMM harap2 lps2 ani pihak2 tersebut dpt di berhentikan perkhidmatan nya. Aamiin.
Date:23/03/2017 02:10 PM
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Name:Hamba Allah
Complaint:Rasa ceria cafe,cna kn apply hntar cv..Area?Cntact nmber?email or address?
Date:22/03/2017 08:01 PM
Date Of Issue Closed:22/03/2017 08:02 PM
Name:Hamba Allah
Complaint:Assalamu'alaikum? Hi. I'am local. Bruneian. Fresh graduate. I would like to ask if there is any available vacancy for account assistant, clerk or any office hours job vacancy still available without looking for experience because i want to learn new experience. Without looking for experience, how can i get for experience? I just only have 2 o'level qualification. Willing to learn and work hard. Would like to get a job at any company. Even if there is no vacancy or not available for that position i did mentioned above, i would like to have any position available. And even i didn't have any experience on it, it would be great to accept the training offered. I really appreciate your help. Thankyou very much. I'am seriously need a job.. Just suggest any company that have training offered for fresh graduate without looking for experience.. :(
Date:22/03/2017 08:17 AM
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Name:hamba Allah
Complaint:i'am fresh graduate that seeking for employment.. mana2 company sudah ku apply.. p satu pun indada yg mnyangkut. even bgi pluang untk interview pun lngsung nda ada.. msane smua kn mau yg bepngalaman.. cba th.. mcm mna kn ada pngalaman mun nda kna bge pluang untk krja? cntohnya sja mcm urg bru lpas graduate ane.. Lau pun nda ada pngalamn, atleast bge pluang.. Skurang2 nya bge training kh apa ...
Date:22/03/2017 07:50 AM
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Name:HND graduate disisihkan
Complaint:EIDPMO is not developing a great program (I-ready). Why must it be degree and above only? Does HND holders have no potential? Everyone deserve to undergo this program regardles of their qualification since all of the company are craving for people with 3-5 years experience. Be fair and re-design the program. What happens to NEGAS? Not usefull enough? Before you plan on developing a program, make sure that it is very well planned. Don't just simple create a development program that only benefits people with degree and above. Think about those who doesnt have degree as well. Everyone have their own great potential to work for this country. But you higher people keep looking down on our capabilities. Be fair.
Date:21/03/2017 07:43 PM
Date Of Issue Closed:-

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