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Colleges and programs offered

Phase 1

​Institutions​Programs offered
​Pusat Latihan Mekanik (PLM)
​1. ISQ Welder
2. ISQ Scaffolder
3. ISQ Rigger
4. ISQ Marker/Fitter
​Maktab Kejuruteraan Jefri Bolkiah (MKJB)
​1. HNTec Plant Engineering
2. HNTec Instrumentation and Control Engineering
​Sekolah Vokasional Nakhoda Ragam (SVNR)
​1. HNTec Electrical Engineering
2. Bridging in Mason
3. Bridging in Carpentry
​Sekolah Vokasional Sultan Bolkiah (SVSB)
​1. HNTec Mechanical Engineering
​Brunei Maritime Academy (BMA) @ MKJB
​1. COP Apprenticeship in Deck Rating
2. COP Apprenticeship in Engine Rating
3. Cadetship - Diploma in Nautical Studies
4. Cadetship - Diploma in Marine Engineering
5. Bridging in Cook/Steward
6. Bridging in Officer Engine Watch

 Phase 2

​Institutions​Programs offered
​Pusat Latihan Mekanik
​1. ISQ Industrial Blaster and Painter
2. ISQ Professional Drivers
3. ISQ Rig Crews
​Sekolah Vokasional Nakhoda Ragam
​HNTec Construction Engineering
​Sekolah Vokasional Sultan Bolkiah
​HNTec Completion Well Intervention (CWI) Technician

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