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Innovative, Technology and Creative Industry Division (ITCID)

Headed by Puan Julianah Binti Ali Ahmad, the Innovative Technology and Creative Industry (ITCI) Division functions to advocate the development of high technology and knowledge based industries in Brunei Darussalam through foreign direct investment and innovation of local businesses. ITCI was established on 5 December 2015 to consolidate all initiatives related to the innovative technology and creative industry with the aim to strengthen as well as ensure effectiveness.

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Global Halal Industry Division (GHID)

Headed by Hj Sabri Bin Hj Mohd Taha, the Global Halal Industry Development Division’s focus is to spur the development of the local Halal industry by making the local SMEs to be a global player in the halal market, attracting Foreign Direct Investment and certification support through halal  analytical services.

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Cottage Industry and Cooperatives (CIC)

The CIC division is divided into two units: Cottage Industry and Cooperatives

Heading Cottage Industry Unit is Pg Izudin Abas bin Pg Hj Ismail. Cooperatives Unit is headed by Dk Khairunnisa binti Pg Hj Zahari. Cottage Industry and Cooperative Division (CIC) is responsible for building a dynamic cooperative and cottage industry through the creation and development of successful cooperative and enterprises in Brunei Darussalam.

The CIC division aims to strengthen cooperation and unity among cooperatives and cottage entrepreneurs through various capacity building programs for a positive contribution to the economic development and welfare of the community.

Cottage Industry and Cooperative Division is mandated to carry out the following functions:-

1.To implement Cooperatives Societies Act (Chapter 84)

2.To register and dissolve Cooperatives Societies

3.To audit or cause to be audited cooperatives books of accounts

4.To provide Cooperative Education and Training

5.To monitor and supervise cooperatives in order to ensure compliance to Cooperative Act, cooperative principles and values.

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Ease of Doing Business (EODB)

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Weights and Measurements Unit (WMU)

Headed by Dk Suridah Binti Pg Hj Sulaiman, the Weights and Measures Unit is to enforce the accuracy and registered the weighing and measuring instruments used for trade in Brunei Darussalam and is recognized by the International bodies. The Unit aims to ensure uniform, efficient and accurate services and systems of Weight and Measures Unit to consumers and traders

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National Standards Centre (NSC)

The National Standards Centre is a unit under Energy and Industry Department, Prime Minister's Office, whose role is to facilitate and to regulate in the areas of Standards and Conformance. Aside from ensuring that the standard development and its process in the country are in accordance to international requirements, the Centre also provides guidance and information to entrepreneurs on the importance of having the right certifications (quality and product standards).

  • Facilitator and Authority in Standards and Conformance Activity in Brunei Darussalam (Through HM's command : HMPO 33/2005)
  • Certified with ISO 9001:2008 on 10th August 2010
  • Acts as Secretariat to the National Standards Council

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